Mission and Purpose

The Meridian Health Foundation promotes healing, in both the individual and the environment, through education, the delivery of preventative and supportive health services and the arts.

To examine the forces shaping our society and to discover our role in contributing to its transformation through action. To work with young people in the realization that their life must be endowed with a sense of purpose; a purpose that involves taking charge of their own personal growth and contributing to the transformation of society. This two-fold moral purpose will naturally find expression in each youth, which will serve their community. Our programs encourage education in both the academic and spiritual development of neighborhood communities using mentoring, technology and the arts, to advance their capacity.


Meridian's programs use academic and spiritual education materials for the youth within a neighborhood to advance their capacity for serving others. As youth are engaged with new ideas, technology and arts, they are encouraged to become agents of change for their community and a cycle of growth and giving back to younger kids is sustained. The work we do takes place primarily in neighborhoods where groups meet in homes, community centers and schools.

The merit of the junior youth spiritual empowerment program lies, first and foremost, in its effectiveness at enhancing the power of expression and the quality of spiritual perception within its participants and in assisting them to develop the capabilities necessary for a life of meaningful service to their communities.

Let them come to realize the full significance of their efforts to help young people form a strong moral identity in their early adolescent years and empower them to contribute to the well-being of their communities.

Universal House of Justice

It is essential then that ever-growing numbers of those in the prime of their lives “steel themselves for a life of service” to society. Naturally, many matters occupy their time and energy: education, work, leisure, spiritual life, physical health. But they learn to avoid a fragmented approach to life that fails to see the connections among life’s various aspects. Such a disjointed view of life often makes individuals fall victim to the false choices suggested in questions such as whether one should study or serve, advance materially or contribute to the betterment of others, pursue work or become dedicated to service. Failure to approach one’s life as a coherent whole often breeds anxiety and confusion. Through service, young people can learn to foster a life in which its various aspects complement each other.



The reading and discussion of stories focus on developing the power of expression as well as exposing junior youth to social concepts such as kindness and justice.



Service projects utilize their energy to help the community or its members. Projects may start small (e.g. picking up trash) but slowly increase in complexity as their capacity to assess needs and plan effectively increases.



Artistic projects enhance their ability to think creatively. Drawing and illustration can be a weekly element in the group meeting. Music and dramatic presentations are also used often.



Healthy recreation, sports, and cooperative games reinforce the lesson plans. Nearby neighborhood parks and schools offer open spaces for formal and informal games.

Diana's Junior Youth Group

Diana talks about how she became involved serving as an animator for the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program.

Increase the Peace

Kids around California work together to bring social change by talking about and finding solutions on how to live in a safer and more connected community.


We support individuals and organizations in our endeavor to increase the capacity of people willing to work for the betterment of their communities.

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Badi Foundation

The Badi Foundation implements capacity building initiatives that serve children in mainland China. Both Meridian and Badi believe that true development must emerge from within a local population and that capacity building must be long term beginning at the grassroots to formulate an approach to improve communities. This process is made systematic through an emphasis on collective learning from shared experience in the field.

The rapidly changing social landscape in both China and the world leaves many, especially the young, questioning their identity, their future, and their place in society. Youth in particular seem to be searching for standards by which to govern their lives and decisions. Both of these organizations share the goal of working with junior youth for these reasons.


100% of all contributions go directly to fund the programs we support.  Foundation staff and business expenses are contributed voluntarily or by the for-profit sponsoring company. Meridian is a 501c3 not for profit charity, EIN # 68-0444965.  

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To every generation of young believers comes an opportunity to make a contribution to the fortunes of humanity, unique to their time of life. For the present generation, the moment has come to reflect, to commit, to steel themselves for a life of service from which blessing will flow in abundance.

Universal House of Justice


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The future of today’s society will depend to a great extent on the manner in which educational programs and methods are designed to release the latent potential of youth and prepare them for the world they will inherit.

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